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Mail Merge and Building A Mail Merge Document

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You can create your own email templates under My Portfolio > Dropdown > click the cog > Mail Merge Templates use this to set up your template for emails that you want to send to multiple people, either at once or individually over a period of time.

Click the Green + to start making your template and use the Insert Tag function to insert a Mail Merge field into your letter at the point that the cursor is positioned.

Once you have completed it, press Save. Head to Communications > Sent Messages > Compose to start using your template to send to your tenants and other contacts.
Mail Merge Template
 - use the drop down to select a template you have created
Sent To
- Enter a contact or select from the previously entered contacts
- Email subject
Message - Enter the message, you can select enter mail merge field here too if you need it.
Attach Files - attach a file to this email if you need to.
- use the drop down if you would like to preview or save as a draft.

You can see every email you have sent from the system by looking in Communications > Sent Messages

To Build a Mail Merge Document 

Navigate to Tenancies > Click the vertical ellipsis (3 dots) at the end of a tenancy > Edit > Documents > Add Mail Merge Document > drop down arrow next to 'choose mail merge template' > Build mail merge template > select a Mail Merge field and paste into your template (have your MSWord document open at them same time) > Save your document to your device then upload this document when you have finished using the previous step 'choose mail merge template'

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