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Adding An Expense To The Value Of The Loan

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The following method will help you record the fees that you would like to add to or deduct from the loan amount.

First you need to navigate to My Portfolio, you will find this located top left of your screen, use the drop down arrow and click the cog. This will take you to Settings 

Image 45

Click Chart of Accounts > using the search field enter Mortgage and Loan Capital OR Scroll down to find this account.
Click the 3 dots (vertical ellipsis ) to the right of the line that this account is on > Edit  > tick Allow payments to/from account > SAVE

Back in the portfolio, add a bill for the fees. Use this article if you need to - Adding A Bill

If the amount was added to the loan, set the amount to be a positive number,
If the amount was deducted from the loan, set the Amount to be a negative number. (e.g. -£1000)

Set the relevant Expense Account and also the Unit and Loan

Tick This Expense is Paid. Set Paid From to be Mortgage and Loan Capital
Press Save

The amount borrowed on the Mortgages page will remain the same, but the amount outstanding when you open up the loan will be updated

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