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Add A Mortgage

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Click Mortgages > Click the Green +

Finance Provider
- Who has provided the mortgage? This is a mandatory field Click in the field to chose a contact (supplier) OR type in the field and click add contact
Mortgage Reference
- Account number or similar
- The property this mortgage applies to
and add another property if this mortgage applies to more than one property
Finance Type - This is a mandatory field - is it a mortgage OR Loan
Loan Amount - How much is the mortgage for
Interest Rate - enter a percentage
Interest Rate Type - Fixed, Standard, Discounted, Capped, Tracker
- How much are the payments
Payment Period
- Monthly, Quarterly
Payment Type
- Repayment - Interest Only
Start Date
- Enter the Start Date to be the start of the mortgage 
Term (Months)
- The full length of the mortgage
Opening balance -
Loan Paid to
- When you take out the loan, Landlord Vision will record that you now have that amount of money. Use the Loan Paid To options to record what Landlord Vision does with it.
Early redemption
- To redeem your mortgage before the end of the term, click on the Early Redemption box, enter the date of redemption and penalty details.
- Is this mortgage Open or Closed

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