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Navigating the Dashboard

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Once you log into your Landlord Vision account you are presented with your dashboard. An example of which can be seen below.

Image 24

The menu on the left is to navigate the software. By clicking the green + ADD button at the top, you can add things like expenses, properties, income pretty much any entry to the system you can do from here! This is referred to in a lot of the guides in the Learning Lounge! 

The Widgets on the dashboard, these are your unpaid expenses and unpaid rent (income), Profit & Loss at a glance (click the drop down 'cash' to change this to accrual) Occupancy level. Click on any widget on the dashboard and it will take you to that part of your Landlord Vision account. 

Using the drop-down menu under your Avatar (top right), you can change some account settings.

  • Profile. These are the contact details and your profile.
  • Team. If you have staff working for you or other users, you can add them here.
  • Security. Change your account password and enable 2 factor authentication.
  • Help. Help and Support.

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