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How To Add An Income

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To add an income you can either click the + Add button then + Invoice OR navigate to Income > Invoices and click the green +

On the Add Invoice screen each filed with the asterisk is mandatory

Date -
Date of the invoice
- From who and were is the income coming from? Choose a contact or type in the field and click the + to add a contact Reference - This is not mandatory and is a field to record a reference for this income.
Set Due Date
- When is this income due?
Set Invoice Period
- If you have a repeating income you can set it here

Income Items

- Amount of the income
- Click and choose from the options available on what is the type of income
- Not mandatory but you can select the unit this is assigned to
- Add a description about the income
+ ADD ANOTHER ITEM - click this to add another item to this invoice

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