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Archiving Or Deleting A Property

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To archive a property,   Navigate to Properties > Units > click the vertical ellipsis button > Archive

To Delete a Property,

You must first go through everything on your account that is associated with that property and remove it. The Property is the last to be deleted.

*WARNING* deleting anything from your portfolio will remove it and it cannot be recovered after 31 days. If its a well established property which you have had in your portfolio for a while, but now sold, it may be easier to rename it *SOLD OR Archive it as detailed above. 

First navigate to Properties > Units > Click on the property you would like to remove. Click on each of the following headers on the property and remove everything associated with the property. Things like certificates, Essentials 

Image 51

Secondly, delete everything else associated with the property. Check in areas like:





Files > All Files 

Finally you should now be able to delete the property. If you get an error 'Cannot delete resource in use' then there is still something associated with that property. Check through the above screens again.   

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