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Adding A Property

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This guide will help you to add a property to your portfolio. It assumes you have logged in and are on the dashboard.

There are a couple of ways to add a property:

1 - Navigate to and click the green  + ADD button, you will find this button top left of your dashboard. Click on Add Property

2 - Navigate to Properties from the menu on the left > Properties then click the Green (add +Icon) This will take you to the same as No1

Upload a photo of the property at the top (this is not mandatory) 

Street Address * This is mandatory.
Select Country
Select property type - Residential, Commercial, Mixed, Other 
– tick if you are adding something like a room in a property or a flat
Set Property Owner - you can set this if you have a percentage split between co-owners of a property
Purchase Details -
Date, Price, Deposit
Status - Active or Archived 

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You May prefer the video guide on - How to Add a Property

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