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Scanned Receipts

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To add a scanned receipt:

Navigate to Expenses > Scanned Receipts > ADD SCANNED/PHOTO RECEIPTS

From the next screen, using the two headers 'UPLOAD' 'SELECT' you can either:


Drag and drop the file anywhere on this screen
Choose Files from a folder on your computer


Select the receipt (file) from a folder currently in your Landlord Vision account

Whichever option you chose you should have selected an image or file you can select or upload more at this point too.

Click UPLOAD you may then see it saying 'In queue for data extraction 'once that has completed (this may take a few moments if there are more than one or a large file) you are then shown a thumbnail of the receipt.
Displayed on there are the items and a receipt total - if you notice a mistake then you can edit this later by clicking ADD BILL and edit the amount.

If you no longer require this receipt click the vertical ellipsis (three dots) > Delete If you are happy with the total and Items click ADD BILL on each one individually.
- Who is the receipt from
- Not mandatory but may be useful if you are adding a lot at once
Expense Items & ADD ANOTHER ITEM
- Add in extra expense items to this bill

You may prefer this video guide on scanned receipts - Importing Scanned Receipts

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