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Refunding a Bill (Expense)

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To enter a refund in Landlord Vision against rental Income or a bill you are required to add another bill or Income invoice and enter this as a negative amount.

Refund of a Bill - To enter a refund of a bill, navigate to Expenses > Bills > Green + > Add Bill
- Date of the refund
Supplier - Same supplier as the original bill
- You may want add a reference
Set Due date
- Due date of the bill
Set Invoice Period
- Start and End dates

Expense Items

- Enter the refund amount as a negative amount e.g. -£100 (minus)
- Same as the original bill
Unit - What Unit is this expense related to
- You may want to add a description
ADD ANOTHER ITEM - are there any more items on the bill
*Tick Refunded - Paid To and select where the refund was paid to.

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Are you wanting to refund an income e.g. rental income this guide will helpRefunding An Income

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