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An Expense Paid By The Tenant On Behalf Of The Landlord

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A tenant has paid an expenses on behalf of the landlord and then taken that amount off the following month's rent, here is how you record this in Landlord Vision:

Firstly - You need to enable the posting TO and FROM  on the Suspense account you are going to be using.

To do this - navigate to My Portfolio, you will find this located top left of your screen, use the drop down arrow and click the cog.

This will open a screen very similar to this:

Image 34

Click 'Chart of Accounts' > search for an account called 'Suspense' > click on the 3 dots to the right of the account > Edit > tick 'Allow payments to/from account' > Save *See Screenshot below

Image 48

Secondly - Record the rent and expense:

*In this example the rent is £1,050 and the expense is £30

Create a rental invoice for £1,050. Income > Invoices > Green +

Record a payment for £1,020 to the landlord's bank account against the invoice via Income > Payments > Green +

Record a payment for £30 to the Suspense account against the invoice via Income > Payments > Green +

Create a bill for £30 and write it to the appropriate expense category or create a new one via Expenses > Bill > Green +

Record a payment for £30 from the Suspense account against the bill via Income > Payments > Green +

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