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Legal Documents

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Landlord Vision contains a series of legal documents which are provided to and updated for us by Legislate, a firm of tenancy lawyers. These documents are available only on the Standard and Plus plans and they are free to use as much as you need to as part of your subscription.

To Create a legal document for a tenancy - Navigate to Tenancies from the left hand menu, this will pull up a list of the tenancies you have set up in your account.

Click on the tenancy > Documents > + ADD LEGAL DOCUMENT OR Click on the vertical ellipsis to the right of the tenancy line > Documents > + ADD LEGAL DOCUMENT

Now you are required to enter some information to build the document. Using the drop down select what type of document you are wanting to create:

- Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement
- Deed of Guarantee
- Tenancy Amendment Letter
- Rent Increase Letter
- Section 8 Notice
- Section 21 Notice

Image 26

Once you have selected one of the above you are then presented with several numbered steps to complete.

Image 27

You do not have to complete the steps in order but ALL steps and fields must be completed to create the document.

Under the title 'PARTIES' this is to enter the parties to the legal document e.g. Your side (landlord) and Other Side (Tenant)

You can save a Draft by clicking SAVE DRAFT and revisit this and complete it whenever you need to

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