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Adding A Live Feed From Your Bank

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Getting Landlord Vision to link up to your bank account really couldn't be easier. Once you have linked your account up, the software will pull through your transactions and they will be ready to reconcile once you've logged in. To set this up, just follow this method below:

Log in to your Landlord Vision Account, Add a bank account if you haven't already done so - Add a Bank Account 

Go to Banking > Accounts > on the same line as your account click the vertical ellipsis (3 dots) >  Get Bank Feed.

Find your Bank or account provider on the list and click it.

You will be asked if you want for your bank to share data with Landlord Vision. Agree to this.

Log in to your bank account using your normal Internet Banking credentials.

Select the bank account(s) you want to use and set the date that you want to pull transactions from, for example the start of the tax year, or where you have manually loaded transactions up to.

Assign the selected account to a bank account in Landlord Vision.

Click Save.

A small bank logo will appear next to the Account Name on the Bank Accounts screen. If this logo is grey then the feed is active and the payments will download. If the logo is red, then there is an error. Stop the bank feed, delete any statements the feed has created and set the feed up again. You can stop the feed by selecting Stop Feed by clicking the vertical ellipsis (3 dots) > Stop Bank Feed on the Bank Accounts page.

If your bank is not on the list, please contact us to see if we can get them added, in them meantime you will need to use the manual import process Here

*Please note that the feeds are valid for 90 days so you will need to reconnect them after this time. Click Stop Bank Feed and go through the above process again.

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