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Adding A Repeating Income

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There are a few ways of adding a repeating income, 2 ways listed below:

1 - Locate and click the green + ADD above the left menu click repeating income
2 - Income > repeating > click the green +

Add Repeating Invoice

Repeat Every 1
(number of) Time Period = Days, Weeks, Months
Start Date
- Start of the repeating Invoice
End Date
- Enter an end date or leave it blank to run on until you end it.
Set Due Date Offset
- Days after billing date, of the current month, of the following month
- Choose form the drop down or type in this field and add contact
- Any reference you would like to add for the repeating invoice

Expense Items

- how much is the repeating invoice?
- Choose a category from the drop down
- Does the invoice refer to a unit
- is there a description you would like to add to this invoice
Add Another Item
- add another item to this repeating invoice
Save OR Save and Add Another

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